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A big hit at Makuake! The new self-color necessities "Hoodot" is finally on general sale!

Hoodot makes hair coloring at home so easy that you'll be impressed!

During coloring, of course,

"Hoodot" keeps your clothes clean when you leave it on or take it off!

No more worrying about what to wear every time you dye your hair!

At times like that, it's easy to dye your hair at home with self-coloring!

But there is one big problem with self-coloring!

A product that solves such a long-standing problem is finally born.

A cape integrated with the hood



The new function hood solves various troubles!

*The hooded cape is a registered design.
(Up to 5 pieces per order)

Easy to put on and take off! open front cape

The hood on the back is very useful when you take off your clothes!

You can move freely even when you leave it!

During coloring, of course,
Even when you leave it on and when you undress,
Prevent clothes stains!

No more worrying about what to wear every time you dye your hair!

Solve the trouble of self-color!
5 points

during idle time
"It's hard to stay still so as not to get it dirty!"


Safe to move with the hood on

when you take off your clothes
"If you put your head through it, the colorant will get on your clothes!


No clothes get dirty with the hood on

when worn
"Using vinyl or old towels will make your neck stiff!"


point 4
Hoodot limited Fluffy collar gently wraps around the neck

After coloring
"Towels and clothes become dirty and unusable! Simple capes become garbage."


point 5
Hoodot not only protects from dirt, but is durable and can be used again and again!

The cape blocks dirt and the hood does not interfere with work.

The cape is made of water-repellent fabric.

As the hood is attached to the bottom of the back,
Smooth work.

Safe to move with the hood on

If you cover the hair with the coloring agent with the hood,
You don't have to worry about dirtying the room when you leave it alone.

Excellent usability!
One action covers everything!

The hood slips on easily and stays on your forehead!
The sides are also covered up to the ears.

Since the coloring agent does not splatter, you can effectively use the time you leave it on!

No more sitting still.

cleaning too

also the washing

You can do things that you couldn't do before!

No clothes get dirty with the hood on

The hood covers your head well and you can easily take it off without staining your T-shirt!

Firmly fix around the neck with hook-and-loop tape.
This is the key to keep it clean!

point 4
Hoodot limited fluffy collar gently wraps around the neck

A cotton towel is attached to the neck of the Hoodot to prevent itching when the cape is wrapped.

*100% cotton collar attached to the inner collar

Towel collars don't just protect your delicate skin!

In the humid summer, the cape will not stick to your skin,

In winter, it softens the cold of the neck.

point 5
Hoodot not only protects from dirt, but is durable and can be used again and again!

It is durable and long-lasting because it is carefully sewn from moderately thick polyester fabric.

The water-repellent fabric makes it easy to clean.

Made in Japan quality

Hoodot is a sewing factory in Japan with a long history.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted.


A piece that can be used for a long time with "Hoodot"!

Hoodot, which started with the idea of not wasting clothes, is made in Japan.

(*Up to 5 pieces per order)

It is very convenient for salon people to have one!

“I want to change my hair color for a change”

In such a case, why not use Hoodot to self-color before making the next reservation?

People who have never done it before may find it surprisingly easy.

It is one piece that you can rest assured to have.

Voice of the person who used it

(Female in her 50s)

The texture of the cape was not stiff, and there was no rubbing sound even when I moved, which was great. If you have a plump body, the neck area may feel a little tight. When I put the hood on, it fit perfectly on my head and it didn't slip even when I moved, which was great. I don't have to change clothes when dyeing, so I don't waste time.

(Female in her 30s)

Even though I often dye my hair at home, I always felt pain.
What is the difference between Hoodot and Cape + Shower Cap? What a thought, but it's completely different! Even for the first time, even a white T-shirt will not get dirty at all. An epoch-making product that was unlikely! If you try it once, I think you'll agree.

(Female in her 50s)

After using Hoodot to do self-coloring at home for the first time, I was impressed with how easy it was! It seems that the time spent at the beauty salon on few holidays can be used effectively. The terry cloth around the neck is soft, and the fabric of the cape does not have a vinyl feel, so it seems that it can be used without resistance even in the summer.

(Female in her 50s)

I used to color my hair at home, but I didn't like it getting on my clothes, so I only wore underwear. But this product solved the problem. You don't have to sit still after dyeing, and your clothes won't get dirty. I was moved! It looks like it's going to be dyed at home again. It's good for your budget too!

(Female in her 20s)

I didn't have to wrap my head in plastic wrap or drip the coloring agent, so I kept the things I needed to a minimum. It was good that my clothes didn't get dirty. It covered my long hair well. It was also good that the Hoodot itself was black and dirt was not noticeable.

family? make it your own?
Available in 3 stylish colors

Because it is used for a long time,
The cape is simple and stylish, and the dirt is black.

pink, yellow, gray,
Adopted 3-color accent line that gives individuality.

*Colors may differ slightly from what is shown in the photos.

* Up to 5 pieces per order

Product specifications

Model name: Hoodot Standard color: Pink (P) / Yellow (Y) / Gray (G)
Size: 1 size for those with a neck circumference of 33 cm to 38 cm
Material: Cape part 100% polyester
(Uses Toray polyester thread)
Towel collar part 100% cotton
Manufacturing: Japan Application: Coloring and retouching for short and semi-long hair, retouching for long hair

* There are some individual differences in the indicated size.

A new hair dyeing cape that is integrated with the hood
The design was registered in 2022.

Hoodot ブランドでしかフード付きケープは手に入りません。

Hoodot is also a perfect gift for someone close to you.


Hoodot-フードットからお知らせ 配送料が全国無料に!



親子で得する、2枚セット割引キャンペーン実施 母の日のプレゼントはもうお決まりですか?Hoodotはプレゼン...



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you use the cotton collar upright?

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Please use the cotton collar upright.

If you stand it upright, the cotton part will get dirty with the coloring agent, and it will be easier to apply unevenly when dyeing the hair on the nape.

The cotton collar was originally designed so that the cape would feel nice against the skin, and that the cape would not cling to the skin when sweaty in the summer.

Q: Can the cape be washed?

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A: It is possible if you wash your hands. When drying, be sure to dry in the shade.

If you wash it with other items, the color may transfer, so it is recommended to wash it alone in the bath.

The cape fabric is black so that dirt does not stand out.

Immediately after coloring, you can remove some dirt by simply wiping with a damp cloth.

*Do not machine wash, bleach, or tumble dry.

The shirred towel used for the collar feels good against the skin, but it tends to fuzz easily, so we recommend gently pressing it to wash it.


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Q: Can I iron it?

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A: Yes, but when using an iron, use a pressing cloth and iron it at a low temperature.

Moisten the cape lightly with a mist, apply a press cloth and iron at a low temperature to minimize wrinkles.

Q: Can men use it?

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Hoodot can be used regardless of gender.

However, there is currently only one size (for those with a neck circumference of 33 cm to 38 cm). For women, it is also suitable for those with a slightly thicker neck. In the case of men, I think it can be used if it is narrow (neck size S). Just in case, please check your neck size once before ordering.

If the neck is thinner than 33 cm, it is necessary to cover the neck with a cloth or towel and wrap the cape around it. Please consider carefully.

Q: The neck size did not fit. Can I return the product?

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Sorry. We do not accept returns for wrong size.

The product is currently only available in one size. (Neck circumference size: 33-38 cm compatible)

Please be sure to check the size before ordering.

Q: What should I do when the hood tends to slip forward?

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When you put on the hood and cover the hairline of the bangs, pull the hood on the back of the head down a little with your hand to remove the slack in the bangs. If you press the hood according to the shape of your head, you can prevent it from slipping.

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