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when worn

① When wrapping the cape, wear it so that the name tag is on the front side and the towel collar is on the back side.

(2) When the two ends of the towel are aligned at the center of the front, the hood on the back will come right behind you. With the back of the neck firmly attached, the hood will stay in place if you attach the hook-and-loop tape according to your neck size.

③Tighten the hook-and-loop tape firmly so that it does not come off.

*When taking off the cape, hold the hook-and-loop part and remove it. If you pull the fabric forcibly, a strong load will be applied to the tape and it may fray or tear.

during coloring

*Leave the hood hanging down during coloring.

* If the color agent sticks to the cape as a lump, wipe it off as soon as possible.

【please note】

Wearing a hoodot does not guarantee protection from any stains. Depending on the type of coloring agent (easily dripping or splattering) and how to apply the coloring agent (applying vigorously, combing the hair with coloring agent vigorously), etc., there is a risk of staining your clothes and the room. In that case, it will not be covered by compensation, so please be careful when working.

during idle time

* After applying the coloring agent, leave the hood on until the specified time of the coloring agent.

* When putting on the hood, pull the hem of the cape toward you little by little, and the hood on the back will come up, making it easier to put on.

Undressing before washing hair

* Keep the hood on when you take off your clothes. First, remove both arms from the clothes you are wearing, and when you put your head through, take them off from the back to the front.

*Make sure the hook-and-loop tape is firmly attached before taking it off.

*Please be aware that if you pull the clothes straight up, the hood on the forehead may get caught in the clothes and come off.


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