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Refund policy

■ About returned goods and defective products

If there is an initial defect such as a different color or damage to the product, please contact us by email within 14 days after the product arrives. We will replace the product as soon as possible, at our expense. Please note that we may not be able to accept returns after 14 days.

*If we are unable to prepare a replacement product such as a planned product or a limited edition product, we may issue a refund.

□ When we cannot accept returns or exchanges

Returns and exchanges cannot be accepted in the following cases.

[1] When the reason for the return or exchange is due to the customer's convenience

We do not accept returns or cancellations for reasons such as wrong order, wrong image (feeling of use, etc.), size mismatch, etc. Please check the specifications of the product thoroughly before placing an order.

In addition, there may be differences in the actual color and texture depending on the customer's monitor environment. Please note that even in that case, it will not be eligible for return. If you are concerned about the color or material, please contact us by email in advance.

[2] When there is no defect in the product itself

If the product itself is not damaged, it will not be eligible for return or exchange. The outer box or bag of the package may be damaged or crushed during transportation, but if the product itself is not damaged, it will not be eligible for return or exchange.

[3] When a defect occurs due to incorrect usage

If you forcibly pull the fabric without holding the hook-and-loop part when taking off the cape, the tape part will be subjected to a strong load, which may cause fraying or tearing. In that case, please note that it will not be subject to return or exchange.

* We cannot accept compensation for secondary damage caused by product defects.

In addition, we may not be able to accept requests for returns or exchanges that do not fall under the above if we determine that they are unfair.

■ Cancellation

Please note that cancellations cannot be made after the product has been shipped.

If you wish to cancel your order before it is shipped, please let us know by email as soon as possible. Cancellation will be effective at the time when the cancellation reception email from us is sent to the customer. In the case of cancellation, it may take some time to process the refund of the payment.

*Please note that in the unlikely event that the product is returned to our store due to a reason such as refusal to receive it or long-term absence, the customer will be responsible for the cost of the round-trip shipping fee.

About the 30-day worry-free guarantee

Within 30 days from the arrival of the product, if there is a problem with normal use, we will pay the shipping fee and replace it with a new product. Regarding returns and exchanges, please be sure to contact us by email and proceed with the return and exchange procedures according to our company's prescribed method. We cannot accept returns by cash on delivery without contacting us. Thank you for your understanding.

*The 30-day warranty is limited to customers who have purchased products from our shop.

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